A land that was touched by that which existed before all that is now. Nowhere is a near barren wasteland full of danger and death around every corner. Nowhere used to be part of the world of Felior, but was touched by the Void which spawned all malevolent things that threatened to swallow the world. Creatures of every size, shape and color banded together to combat this world encompassing threat. When the armies of light clashed with the Void Spawn a fight erupted that shook the very foundations of Felior. Though the armies fought valiantly they soon found themselves overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite forces of the Void. In a desperate act to save as much of Felior as could be saved the god, Arcanos, constructed a weave made of his life essence. This weave cut off the Void at it’s source in the cosmos and sealed them off from coming any further into what would soon come to be called Everbright. Felior was saved, but at too great a cost. Arcanos gave his entire life essence to power the weave. And all those that were left behind were trapped on the other side of the Weave. The Void spawn had been cut off, but it was not destroyed. The spawn evacuated into every corner of the world that they could reach. Those that were left behind were subject to Void sickness and over the years it changed their appearance. Hundreds of years later societies have been formed by the former races of Everbright. They have learned to make this new wasteland their home. With the constant threat of the Void spawn and the ever growing hatred in their hearts, Nowhere, as it’s come to be called, is a most savage and terrifying land.

Chronicles of Nowhere

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