D'arc Shadowfell

A Nether Kissed (Dark Elf) with a haunted past and a bloody future


D’arc is a tall, slender Elf with snow white hair and deep blue eyes. He adorns himself mostly in black with a cloak that is blue in color.


D’arc is a advocate of the stealthy approach to ensure maximum advantage over his opponents. He is a duel short sword fighter and is very adept on his feet. His skill with blade and stealth would suggest that he is possibly former military or a defector gone mercenary. He’s gained a good amount of renown in Liarzgrad for his accomplishments. Many choose not to cross him as he has earned the reputation of being a dangerous individual. In addition to the combat prowess he also has a air of formality to him. He’s very graceful in his movements, posture and even mannerisms. No one truly knows why he came to Liarsgrad, but it is speculated that he is searching for something. And that he is not on good terms with the Empire of Night (Nether Kissed Empire)

D'arc Shadowfell

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