A quick-tongued, fiery redhead who waits tables at the Double Dagger.


A true beauty to behold, Ezra is a workaday barwench at a tavern in Liarzgrad called The Double Dagger. She is a human in her mid 20’s with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. Her sharp-tongue and flirtatious approach have made her a favorite of patrons of the bar.


In addition to being a barwench, she is also a friend of Hectors. They have a history that goes back a few years along with G’rok. While her sharp-tongue can make her seem unapproachable she is kind at heart and would often give the shirt off her back if it helped someone less fortunate. She moves with a calculative efficiency at the tavern. So much that she is the only barwench necessary to keep the business steady. Definitely more talented than a normal barwench. This arouses suspicion at times, but is often shrugged off by her charm and flirtatious attitude.


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