A Hobgoblin that resides in the slums of Liarzgrad


Standing at 6.5 ft Horus is a towering Hobgoblin with a frightful presence. He is acquainted with D’arc and the two seem to share a similar hatred for the Empire of Night.


Horus is a defector of the war his people are currently fighting with the Empire of Night. He and several other Hobgoblins retreated to Liarzgrad due to it’s size and heavy Empire presence. He felt they would be safe from their people if they came to a place where several of their enemies currently resided. The strategy has worked out well so far. He runs a general store in the slum sector of Liarzgrad. Though this is where crime is most rampant they sleep easy knowing that most of the residents don’t want to mess with them due to their intimidating size. The company he keeps is small, but they are loyal to a fault to their former commander.


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